Meet the Team

Wild Child is an animation studio based in Stirling. The team is made up of award winning creative and animation industry veterans. With over a hundred years combined experience the team have produced dozens of hours of CG and 2D animated content.

Will Adams

Will Adams

Creative Director
“Yes, but it’ll be even better if…”

After growing up on a farm and gaining a degree in Philosophy, Will was naturally drawn to a career in animation… Photoshopping his way around picture desks by day, by night, he performed live visuals at clubs, festivals and theatres. In 2002 Will co-founded Once Were Farmers and won multiple awards, including a BAFTA.

Dedicated to developing new talent, in 2016 Will launched the Animation Base Camp – an industry-based training program in association with Sony Pictures Animation.

Raised by goats, Will gets his best ideas out at pasture, and still speaks fluent bovine.

Will Adams

Sueann Rochester

Managing Director
“Is it done yet?”

Driven by a love of all things animated and a need to organise everyone, Sueann was always destined to be an animation producer. With almost 20 years of experience in long form TV production Sueann has worked with clients including Cartoon Network, Disney, the BBC and DC Thomson and produced BAFTA and EMMY nominated shows ‘Dennis & Gnasher’ and ‘Ask Lara’.

Her goal is to produce high quality story driven content for all ages.

When away from her desk, Sueann is usually found balancing on her head.

Will Adams

Ron Henry

Director of Operations
“You may say that now, but one day you’ll only think it.”

After stealing his dad’s Rolleiflex when he was six and arranging a photo shoot with his friends, Ron went on to start a career in professional photography just as everything was about to go digital. This soon turned into an obsession, and so, down the digital rabbit hole he went. In 2000 he co-founded Spectrum, one of the first companies in the world to establish a digital cinema network.

Over the ensuing years Ron has pursued the goal of combining creative and artistic principles with technology. This culminated in the formation of The Flying Circus, a motion capture driven CG animation studio based in Johannesburg.

Now back in his native homeland, Ron spends his weekends teaching his border collie to drive.

Will Adams

Rory Lowe

Creative Director
“Wait, but why?”

The perennial pot stirrer, Rory sees things a little differently. Which sounds great and all that but is actually really annoying for all concerned. Fortunately the end result is usually worth it and all go home with smiles on their faces and awards in their trunk. Rory studied ‘Environmental Art’ at the Glasgow School of Art, but nobody’s ever worked out what Environmental art is… Rory has made some films, and TV shows, won some awards and started a company or two.

When not obsessing about Film and TV, Rory makes fires, really big fires you can dance around…

Will Adams

Ken Anderson

Director of Exploration and Discovery
“Here are 50 unique and exciting projects I brought back from MIPCOM… and this handful of magic beans”

Ken is the grizzled veteran, with nearly 30+ years experience and has spent a very large part of that time travelling around the world looking for money and working with amazing people; he co-founded Red Kite in Edinburgh, in 1997, creating one of the foremost Children’s and Animation companies in the UK. He is responsible for hit series: 64 Zoo Lane, Pablo the Little Red Fox. Dennis and Gnasher; Ask Lara, Wendy, The Imp and most recently the theatrical Feature Princess Emmy. And had a script writing company called Skryptonite (say it slowly and the penny might drop…), which was responsible for helping create the wonderful characters and world of Bionicle. And is still waiting for his shipment of toys from Lego…

When not glued to his devices – or watching rugby – Ken can often be found dragging his five grumbling kids on a “trust me it will be great” adventure somewhere in the world.

Will Adams

Michael McKiernan

Finance Director
“I'm only here for the biscuits”

After years leading a normal life as a chartered accountant in industries like manufacturing, insurance and logistics Michael decided to leave all this behind and enter the creative industries.

Before joining Wildchild he spent 6 years heading up finance for the multi award winning Axis Studios in Glasgow.

When not obsessing over cashflows, Michael can be found in the stands watching Celtic or getting injured playing football.